About Sam & Mr. Kipling

4ee67fdec7f111e398940002c9dd016a_8About Us:

Mr Kipling and I are offering a support and guidance blog for those feeling vulnerable and seeking comfort in times of distress. I am a fully qualified therapist specialising in young people and adults in all areas of psychological issues. Mr Kipling is an excellent therapy sausage dog. Although this is not a counselling service I am looking to offer my experience and expertise to help you find positive steps for change. Please advise if you want a private reply, if not specified, your reply will appear on the site.

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Mission Statement:

• To offer one-to-one counselling, online support and guidance service to children, adolescents and adults who are suffering from any form of social isolation, abuse, neglect, and/or psychological difficulties and are in need of immediate emotional, moral and social support.

• The aim of this Charity is for all young people to have the opportunity to voice their concerns and express feelings and emotions through whichever medium of communication they feel most appropriate or available to them.

• To ensure at all times the client is always kept in mind when decisions are made by any member of the Charity and to adhere to all safeguarding policies.

Please note that to use this service you must be 13 years old and over. If you are aware of a young person who is under the age of 13 years old and in need of support and guidance, please seek help through an appropriate adult such as a parent, teacher, counsellor or nurse. Tumblr also restricts registration to users aged 13 or over.

Should you or anyone you know feel so low you may seriously hurt yourself and I am not able to answer your message in time, please contact:
• The Samaritans Here tel: 08457 909090,
• Childline Here tel: 0800 1111.
• NSPCC Here tel: 0800 1111.
• Rape crisis Here tel: 0808 802 9999
• Your Doctor, A&E or the Police 999 or 101 for immediate assistance, or similar if you are not in the UK.

Helpful advice for young people in need.